Sunday, August 27, 2006

Good Thing I Didn't Get a Crewcut

A long time ago, I told my husband a true story about my aunt and uncle. I was trying to give him background on them and their relationship because he was new to my family at the time and wasn't familiar with everyone yet. When my aunt and uncle met, my aunt had very long straight black hair that went all the way down to the middle of her back. It was very pretty hair and my uncle really loved it. He actually made no secret of the fact that he really loved her hair. One day, after they were married, she went downtown to see her hairdresser and came home with curly hair that barely touched her shoulders. My uncle wasn't happy about it, but I think he must have thought that it was temporary and that she would grow her hair back again one day. I think everybody did. She actually ended up wearing her hair like that for a few years. Then one day, when she came home from her hairdresser, she appeared with a man's military hair cut. It looked good on her, but I couldn't help but feel terribly for my uncle who had to have missed the long locks. Part of me thought that she cut it to spite him for some unknown reason. You could tell that he wasn't really pleased with the decision to cut it all off. She has worn her hair in that military fashion ever since then -- it's had to have been over two decades now that she's had that hair style.

I have always had long straight hair (other than when I was a baby and had to grow out the baby fuzz and back in the mid-80's when I got the ill-advised spiral perm at Vidal Sassoon). At times it's been as short as shoulder-length (when I was working and had to look respectable), but most of the time, it stays long enough to reach the bottom of my shoulderblades. I always joke that I can't have a short hair style as my ears stick out too much and I'd look too much like an elf or a gremlin. I know that my husband likes my hair the way that I keep it and it's actually important to me that he's as happy with my appearance as I am.

I didn't realize just how closely my husband had been paying attention to me back when I told him that story about my aunt and uncle. I think I told him that story ten years ago. The other day as he and I were sitting in our family room he said with a smile, "I love you because you keep your hair long because you know that I like it that way."

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