Monday, August 28, 2006

Mexican Flag Flying at a US Post Office ?!?

This is not what I usually write about, but this story really touched a nerve. I was cruising through cyberspace and ran across Michelle Malkin's post entitled "Hoisting the Mexican Flag at a US Post Office." Apparently, over the weekend, Illegal Immigrant Activists went on over to the Maywood, California post office and hoisted the Mexican Flag while chanting Anti-American epithets. Now Maywood is a supposed "sanctuary city" for illegal immigrants and a group called "Save our State" was protesting in front of the city hall there. The Illegal Immigrant Activists showed up to counter that protest, and apparently, that is when the Mexican flag was hoisted up on the flagpole over at the US Post Office. (Also see the Terry Anderson Show for an account).

I was born and raised in the United States, but both of my parents, and most of the older generation of my family here in the United States, immigrated to this country from the Philippines. Most of them immigrated in the 60's and early 70's, but there are still members of my family - doctors, nurses and engineers - that have their resident visas and are awaiting the day that they are made American citizens. My family immigrated to the United States LEGALLY. It was a long process and it took years for them to gain citizenship and all of the rights and privileges that accompany citizenship. My family cherishes their US citizenship and I am very grateful that they came to this country and made it their home.

As someone who has watched other family members legally go through the process of US immigration and as the child of immigrants, I have a definite understanding of why people want to immigrate to the US and of the difficulties surrounding the process. That being said, I have a very hard time justifying the tolerance of the large numbers of illegal immigrants in the United States today. The key word here is ILLEGAL.

I think Immigration to the US is a wonderful thing as that is how our country was born and that is how our country has thrived. Some of the greatest minds and souls that have graced our shores have been those of immigrants. However, there is a process in place and there are rules that need to be upheld in order for one to become a legal resident and eventually a citizen of the US. As a citizen of the United States, I do not think that I really want people who come here and wave their middle finger at our LAWS by trying to bypass them to have the same rights and privileges that legal residents and US citizens enjoy. The Illegals have come here to the US, broken our laws, and want us to treat them well, educate their children for free, provide health care and not be upset at them for their blatant disrespect of our country's right to enforce our borders. Excuse me? If I drive 10 miles over the speed limit, I am subject to a nasty speeding ticket. These people have broken much bigger laws of the federal variety, and it has become politically unpopular to speak against them and call for deportation or stricter border control. They don't even get a slap on the wrist. They are criminals. Why would we want to give criminals citizenship anyway? They're obviously not law-abiding -- we should be showing them the door or treating them like the Illegal Aliens that they are. Instead, we have rolled out the red carpet for them. This is hard to stomach.

I am seriously tired of hearing the excuse that they do the jobs that Americans "won't do." Are you kidding me? We're not just talking about the day laborers on the farms in California. There are WAY more illegal immigrants in this country that are NOT working on the farms than those that are. That picture of the migrant worker picking tomatoes is exactly what the activists who want to protect and empower illegal immigrants in this country want the general public to keep in their heads. But in reality, we are not just talking about jobs in agriculture. We're talking about nannies and housemaids and cashiers and painters and carpenters and plumbers and waitresses and home health care workers and cooks and other people in lots of other occupations that US citizens would be more than willing to fill. (Granted, in some cases, their employers may not want to cough up the additional money to hire a US citizen, but that's for another story.) Look around. They're in plain view every day - they're not hiding. With the current unemployment situation in this country and all of the citizens of this country who are homeless and in need of assistance, wouldn't you think that it would be in the best interests of this country to ensure that those jobs go to its citizens and not to illegal immigrants? Shouldn't the folks that can't find work be the ones that don't have a legal right to work here? Common sense dictates that higher employment of citizens leads to lower welfare, Medicaid and unemployment costs for our government. It leads to higher tax revenue which, in turn, helps drive the economy further and should lead to even more jobs.

In addition, the Illegals are seriously draining the resources that we have in place for legal residents and US citizens. Look at California (where the Mexican flag raising incident took place). What a disaster that state has become. People who pay taxes and who are here legally have the right to the services that the country, state and local governments provide. Do you honestly think that the quality of services that the law-abiding California taxpayer receives isn't seriously diluted by the effect of the Illegals? It's ridiculous. Legal workers actually pay taxes to this country. Illegals, for obvious reasons, do not. Have you looked at how much of your paycheck gets taken away for taxes recently? And for all of that money that you fork over to the government, what do you expect in return? I expect that the laws of my country are properly enforced and that our sovereign borders are upheld and protected.

I am SO sick of the politicians who have come out and tried to say that stricter border control is not the answer and who go on pandering to the relatives of the Illegals for votes. Take Senator Ted Kennedy from my state of Massachusetts for example. Does the man have any clue of what is going on in this country? Seems to me that Senator Kennedy has muddied the waters between "Illegal Immigration" and "Immigration" in his speeches so that he doesn't cast the Illegals in such a negative light. There is a HUGE difference. He thinks the "Immigrants" walk around waving the American flag, celebrating America. I guess he doesn't get out much. Guess he didn't see the March incident in at Montebello High in California where Old Glory was hoisted upside down BELOW the Mexican flag. Guess he wasn't listening to what the people at those protests last spring were actually saying. They don't want to blend in with the rest of the populace of the United States. They want to take it over.

Why are we inviting the elements of civil unrest and potential class war into our country? Why are we weakening our economy by allowing the current practices to continue and to grow?? Why are we showing such disrespect to those legal residents of the United States who are actually following our laws and waiting years to gain citizenship? Why are we short changing ourselves and our fellow countrymen? We deserve the services for which WE pay and we deserve to have our borders protected. Why do we tolerate and give care to people who thumb their noses at our laws?? There are legal limits governing immigration that were put in place to protect our country and its citizens - we need to protect our security and our economy. If we can't adequately protect our security or our economy, our country is doomed.

If you're here without a legal visa, thank you for your visit -- now GO HOME! We are the United States of America and if you want to live here as a resident or citizen, respect and follow our laws and GET IN LINE!

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