Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My Reason and the History Channel

The other night, we noticed that our TiVo recorded a show from the History Channel called, UFOs in the Bible. My interest was piqued and my husband and I started to watch it as his was as well. I always have found shows like this one to be compelling even though a lot of people would probably not give it the time of day. I find UFO shows to be generally entertaining (though I honestly think most UFOs are man-made or natural phenomena) and the Catholic school girl in me is always happy to watch someone throw a new spin on Bible translation (the nuns didn't do a very good job with me). People make their cases and sometimes they're plausible and sometimes, you have to wonder where the show producers found the so-called expert. My husband finds these shows entertaining as well. Hence, my reason for the day: "You like to watch shows with names like UFOs in the Bible."

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