Thursday, August 24, 2006

My Reason - Ay Carramba

Our TiVo recorded National Geographic's Most Daring Moments the other day and my husband and I watched part of it before determining that there wasn't a lot of truly "daring" stuff going on. One of the items featured showed a the annual running of the bulls in Pamplona and the major beating that a man took as he was overcome by one of the said bulls. As a lead-in, the show had clips of bullfights. I have never understood where the entertainment value lies in bullfighting. I'm not a PETA-lover, but I do think that bullfighting is unnecessarily cruel to the bulls. I understand that it is culturally significant in some parts of the world -- I am just glad that that isn't the case in my country.

I tend to look away from the television when something that I find objectionable is on the screen. Unfortunately for my husband, I also tend to say silly things to him while I am looking away (as I am usually looking right at him). That night, I decided to ask him for a reason since I hadn't heard one for a few days. What I got was the following: "I love you because you don't like the whole bullfighting thing."

I felt a little short-changed at the moment because it sounded like a lame reason to love someone. He countered by telling me that the fact that I don't approve of bullfighting says a lot about my underlying character. I'll buy that for a peso.

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