Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Unregistered Registered Voter

Certain folks have inquired as to my political affiliation. Others have made assumptions based on my previous posts and other comments I have made across the Internet. It's nobody's business, but I don't care if people know. I am most certainly a registered voter. However, I am not officially affiliated with any political party.

There are several reasons for my decision not to align myself officially with either party. The principal reason is that neither party presents a platform with which I totally agree. Each party has some idea that it supports that makes my stomach turn - seriously. Each party has its fair share of jokers in office and running for office. To say that I support one party's platform completely would be to lie. To say that one party is always on the side of right is preposterous. I'd best be described as a fiscally-conservative moderate. I vote for the candidate with whom I agree most - Republican or Democrat.

The other big reason that I do not declare an official party affiliation is that this allows me to vote in whichever primary election that I deem to be more important. In order to do this, the election officials will temporarily declare an affiliation in order to allow me to vote, but then will change me back to an unaffiliated voter after I turn in my ballot. If there is no primary vote for the incumbent's party, I would want to vote in the other party's primary. If both parties have serious primary elections, it's at my discretion. Usually, one of the parties will have one candidate that has the primary locked up. In that case, I vote in the other party's primary. It's really not as confusing as it sounds. It sure beats not being able to vote in one party's primary because you're registered as a member of the other party.

I just don't see any benefit to officially declaring an affiliation to one party or another. I'm not into attending their mixers and fundraising parties. I don't need the solicitations in the mailbox. I just want the best candidates to win the elections. Please hold the flame-mail, I've really heard it all already.