Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Bad Patient

I am supposed to be dropping my newly acquired 20+ lbs in preparation for drug treatment for autoimmune hepatitis. It isn't happening and it's all my fault.

When the suspicion of an illness first arose five years ago, I was within the normal weight range for a female of my height. My doctor suggested strength and conditioning training and I have been seeing a trainer twice a week when I am in town. (Mind you, I've only been home for about six months a year in recent years, but it's been better than nothing.) During this time, however, I managed to eat my way into pants that are two sizes larger.

I derive a lot of enjoyment from food. I don't have a weird attachment to it. I just genuinely enjoy eating good food. My problem is that I don't like healthy foods. I hate salads. Fruits and vegetables are not my friends. I know I need to watch not only what I eat but how much I eat. My aunt is a dietician and I have been subjected to the dietician spiel repeatedly since childhood. I never listened to her though.

It's September and I need to try to get this off by January. With my love for food and my penchant for procrastination, this weight loss thing is going to be hard to accomplish. I figured that maybe I could shame myself into losing the weight by posting my goal here. I would be happy if I lost 15 lbs. by January 1. I will be more than sad if I don't.

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