Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Free iPhone

My husband and I each got an iPhone on the release date. We actually did camp out in front of the Apple Store for the afternoon. If it were just me, I would have strolled into the Apple Store on Saturday morning and picked one up - but since it's not just me, we had to do the camp. We showed up right after noon and were greeted with a line of only around 20 people. The time there wasn't bad, actually, and we were in and out of the Store in a flash after they re-opened that evening. We made it home and activated our two phones without a problem.

On Saturday morning, we actually went back to the Apple Store to check out the necessary accessories. I ended up buying a case that day and I recognized the cashier from the previous evening. She was chatty and after I signed for the goods, she handed my husband the bag. As he and I made it up the escalator to our next stop, my husband looked inside the bag and noticed that she had thrown the iPhone case in a bag that also contained an 8GB iPhone. Apparently, they had pre-stuffed a bunch of bags with iPhones and she gave us one accidentally.

When we got to the top of the escalator, we turned around and went back down the escalator. Mind you, we did have a brief conversation while on our way up the escalator about what to do with this iPhone. Tempting as it may have been, neither of us wanted to keep it. We walked into the Apple Store and made our way back to the cashier. I handed her the iPhone and told her what happened. She took it back, said “thanks” and went on to help the next person in line. It didn't phase her. She didn't look thankful that we returned the iPhone - or that we didn't go to her manager instead. She didn't even look like she was wondering how many other phones she had inadvertently handed out for free. Her reaction really didn't matter to us - we just knew that we couldn't keep the iPhone with a clear conscience.

If we didn't both already have one, our reaction would have been the same. If we had kept the ill-gotten iPhone, we would have definitely given it away - probably to my husband's parents or to one of our friends. As my husband's father just bought an iPhone this week, I was reminded of the free phone that we took back. I'm still not sorry that we did.

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Stephen Dill said...

OK, I'm just sayin' - if you EVER come into a free iPhone again call me! I will gladly accept your largesse.