Saturday, September 01, 2007

Reclaiming the Table

My husband is my favorite person on the planet. That being said, there are a few things that would probably drive other men's wives crazy that I totally accept as perfectly fine. He and I are almost too similar in a lot of ways; we have similar bad habits. That either makes each other's habits not seem so bad or amplifies how bad the habits seem because we recognize them in ourselves. That may be the case this weekend with the newest addition to our computing arsenal: his new iMac.

This computer was purchased on the evening that we landed back in Boston from our vacation. That was August 18. We literally got out of the limo, walked into the house to deposit our luggage, and jumped into our car to go out and purchase this computer. He set it up on the dining table that sits at the rear of our family room “temporarily.” This decision was totally understandable, as he has several other computers and monitors on his side of the desk in our office that need to be moved around to accommodate his new purchase. In addition, he needed to fire it up to see if it worked properly sooner than later. We had extra ethernet ports installed in the family room and the wi-fi works well there, so it seemed like a no-brainer. I was totally fine with the idea. I told him it had to be out of the family room by the end of the next weekend. He agreed.

His first week back from our vacation was a busy one and he never found the time to get his side of the office in any condition for the new computer to be moved there. Mind you, he did use the new computer a lot that week in the family room. It helped that he had a direct view of our wide-screen HD TV from that table, I'm sure, but we have laptops to use in the family room when necessary. When Friday rolled around, I had already prepared myself for the inevitable request for an extension of his deadline. I didn't even make him ask. I could tell he was going to ask. When I heard “I was thinking...” come out of his mouth, I interrupted him by saying,”Yes, it's OK if you leave the computer there - just get it out of there by Labor Day.” He agreed and thought that was a reasonable deadline, especially since he would be traveling again the week after the holiday.

Well, today is the Saturday before Labor Day and he hasn't made any progress at all in the office upstairs. In fact, we've been spending a lot of time down in the family room this past week. He's been tweaking out his new computer. It dual-boots OSX and Vista. It runs Ubuntu via VMware and runs XP via Parallels. He's installed all of the software that he wants to install on the computer and has even gone so far as to hook up and populate a monster external hard drive for his media. He's actually working on it right now as we watch college football.

Care to lay odds on the date of the move of the new computer to our office?

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