Thursday, September 06, 2007

Spoiled by Technology

This week, my husband is in New York on a business trip. I would normally go with him on a trip like this one, but opted this time to stay home (for reasons to be discussed another time). When he and I find ourselves apart like this, we like to put the built-in camera in his laptop to good use and have video chats. Ours are more like video conversations. Usually, they occur while one or both of us is eating a meal. This is because the only real downtime he has when he is out of town is when he is eating or sleeping. We've done this enough and from so many places that I've come to expect these cozy dinners via web-cam when he is away. He's done this successfully with me from as far away as mainland China. Well, tonight there was some problem with the bandwidth or something on his end at his hotel in New York and our video chat didn't work. This predicament is almost inconceivable! I have been spoiled by technology.

Once in a while, it's fun to try to remember what it is was like before we had all of the tools and resources that we have today. This evening's dinner-by-phone was a painful reminder of the days before our video chats. Luckily, these days we have a package on our home phone that includes unlimited long-distance calls. A decade ago, that wasn't the case. We neither had video chat capability nor unlimited long-distance calls by phone. We paid a boat-load of cash for a phone conversation and we didn't know of anything better. Now a phone conversation is like the booby prize at the carnival.

Tonight, the technology failed me, but I had the chance to remember what it used to be like. I am thankful for the Internet, broadband, wireless, webcams, email, cable TV, cell phones (especially my iPhone), social media apps, DVRs, digital cameras, iPods and all of my computers. I'm thankful for all of the great advancements that have been made. I just don't think about how much better life is because of these things very much because I rarely have to do without. The long phone conversations were really great back then, but I really love being able to look at my husband when I talk with him after a long day apart. Once you're spoiled, I guess there's no turning back.

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