Sunday, November 25, 2007

Another Birthday. Yay!

I've been blessed with yet another birthday to add onto the big pile of birthdays that I have already accumulated. I think the years are flying by faster and faster these days. I think about how long summers lasted when I was a little girl in elementary school and how much my friends and I changed in that span of three months. These days, there really aren't any dramatic changes in appearance over the course of a season and there never seems to be enough time for everything. Blink today and it'll be New Year's Eve when you open your eyes. It's obviously not that bad, but when it IS New Year's Eve, and I look back on my birthday, I'm sure it'll seem like it just happened. I will be ridiculously grateful for any extra birthdays that I get to add onto my birthday pile.

I say, “Pile 'em on - just not too quickly.” I don't have any problem with aging, I'm just not in a big rush to do it. I've had a very full year this year and so I shall judge this past year as a success. Heck, if I haven't maimed or killed myself of anyone else, I'd probably judge a year as a success just for surviving - so I guess this past year was a smashing success.

The thing about having your birthday at this time of year is that it inevitably falls during the week of Thanksgiving. I get all sappy and nostalgic and grateful. This post is just going to be about me - sorry. So if you're reading this and you'd like to be spared the sap, bow out now - I totally understand.

Last year, at this time, I was worried about my aunt who had been diagnosed with breast cancer. I was flying home to Chicago to accompany her to chemotherapy every other week. I did that because I didn't want her to go alone and because it was obvious to me that if I didn't, other family members would have done it, but would have encountered a greater hardship in doing it than I did. Today, I am happy to report that she looks wonderful and is back to her old self.

At the same time both my husband's parents and my mother were looking to move into new condominiums in Chicago. I am handling all of that for them - from Boston. While we didn't have to do much customization for one of the units, the second unit was a huge interior design project. The airlines just loved me last winter. The first condo is available for a move-in this January. I think I'll be celebrating each of those closings pretty hard. Let's just say that I hope none of them ever wants to move again.

This year I was also fortunate to have stumbled upon a wonderful community at Twitter and to have met some of the most interesting and caring people as a result. I am definitely thankful to have made their acquaintances. They have brought a smile to my face on more days than not since I joined in late August and have been quite a source of inspiration and encouragement. This is my first “social media” birthday and from the moment I woke up this morning, I was encountering warm birthday greetings from the friends that I have made. Each one has been very special to me.

I have thoroughly enjoyed most of this last year. I say “most” because, as in most years, something horrible befalls someone around us whom we love. This year was no exception. All I know about those times is that I am grateful to have been able to provide some ongoing support to those affected.

My family gets upset with me for not ever wanting anything for my birthday. In fact, I always specifically ask them to not give me anything for my birthday. They say I'm not any fun (and usually ignore my requests). I say I'm saving them all the trouble of worrying about finding something for me. If they wish me a happy day, I am more than happy. I am so thankful to add another year to my growing pile of years here. I am also so very thankful to have been able to share my years with such wonderful people. I have the best husband, an awesome pup, great friends and family. I'm still generally healthy, travel a lot and am not wanting for much of anything. What more could a girl really want? Just more birthdays to throw onto my pile and more birthdays for the piles of my friends and family too. Thank you all - you know who you are.

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