Thursday, November 08, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom's 65th birthday. Now, my mom doesn't know that I have a blog... and that's probably why I can post this entry about her here now. hee hee.

My mom and I have not had the easiest of relationships. At times, the best word for our relationship has been “strained.” We have had many disagreements over the years, as many mothers and daughters have had. She has done some things in her life that I cannot understand. But if I think about it on the whole, I'm pretty lucky to have the mom that I do.

Yesterday, I wrote a scathing blog post (which never did get posted) about the older generation in our family. I basically vented and let out all of the annoyances that have been eating at me like acid on iron come out. After I wrote that post I realized that my dad wasn't a target of my rant at all and that my mother was only guilty of buying me too many presents and wanting to spend more time with us. (So you can imagine who got me all riled up.)

So, if my mother isn't annoying me, why do we have a complicated relationship? Well, after everything that has happened in my lifetime, it is still understandable. However, I am lucky in that I can be brutally honest with both of my parents about what they do that bugs the living daylights out of me. I actually told my mom that her voice on the phone is like “nails on a chalkboard” to me and suggested that she email me whenever possible instead of calling. So now, we have nice discussions via email and when she does call us, it isn't as screechy of a nails on the chalkboard experience.

She is still working as an accounting manager and doesn't seem to have any plans to retire anytime soon. When I was a public accountant, my mom was actually a contact for some of my colleagues who audited her company. My mother is very smart and ridiculously efficient - my friends were wowed. I wished she was MY client (but that wasn't possible.) She did teach me a lot of things about professional presence and a lot of the credit for why I wasn't completely clueless about the professional world when I started working goes to her. (Then again, one of the reasons I went into accounting in the first place was because she told me not to. lol.)

I know I won't ever have to turn my mother in for any make-over shows because she always looks amazing. She has really good taste and her instincts as to what I may want or need are more right than not. She's very responsible and doesn't get herself into any situations from which I need to rescue her. Most importantly, she doesn't ever mean any harm to anyone and is usually just looking out for us. My mom's really thoughtful and kind. I could never say she didn't love me with a straight face because it's very obvious that she does. (There's a shrine to me at her house, a.k.a. my old bedroom, to prove it too and I'm almost 40.)

I called her up today to wish her a good one. We sent her a couple dozen roses on Monday so she'd have them at work all week before she had to haul them home. We'll obviously celebrate with her when we get home to Chicago later this month. So I hope my mom has a happy birthday. Maybe I'll tell her I have a blog and let her read this herself.... Ok, well, ...that may just be a bad idea.

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Carrie Ann said...

Very sweet. I understand completely!! ;)