Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Late Night Lunacy

Yesterday, I changed the sheets and the blanket and comforter on our bed. I threw the old sheets and a couple of other sets of sheets in the laundry and then threw them in the dryer right before turning in for the night. We made it to bed at a pretty late hour for a week night for us and I was ready to seriously pass out. As I started to change into my bed clothes, my husband asked me what happened to the bed. When I looked, I saw a large wet area on his side of the bed that included the comforter, blanket and sheet. I also saw our dog, Sam, sitting on my side of the bed. Ugh! We looked at the wet area in disbelief - in the whole time we've had our dog, she hasn't done anything like that. She couldn't have really done that, could she have? Well, it turns out that she did.

Our pup Samantha is four years old and I've always thought that my husband and I were lucky to have her. I still do. She is a very sweet and loving dog and has pretty good manners. She doesn't beg. She doesn't chew anything that she isn't supposed to chew. She doesn't play with any toys that we haven't presented to her as her own. She's really playful, loves people and is pretty smart. So she barks a lot at passing people, dogs and vehicles? - she's a dog. But urinating on our bed? That's new and that had better not happen again. I think she must not have liked the way the new comforter smelled - it had just come back from the cleaners. Doggie psychology was not my major in college.

So there we were, scrambling for another set of sheets, a blanket and a comforter late last night. It would figure that there were three sets tumbling around in the dryer at that very moment. But never fear, I had more sheets in the closet. I'm pretty sure there isn't a medical problem that caused that spontaneous urination last night, but I'm keeping an eye on Sam nonetheless.

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