Monday, December 17, 2007

Emancipating the Mailbox

Is it really so hard for the plow guys to make sure that my mailbox can be reached by the USPS guys? This happens every time we have any significant snowfall - and we got an extra eight inches yesterday. USPS won't deliver to a mailbox in this condition - so - even though I have already had my workout today, I have another workout right here. (I don't feel too bad about all of that English toffee I ate last night anymore - that's for sure.) :)

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kellyd said...

I've got the same problem. :-(

We cleared the mailbox during the height of the storm, and after it was all over, it was snowed in again by the street plows.

PLUS it's iced over.


zemote said...

Sucks that your mailbox is snowed in, but I'm still jealous of the amount of snow you have. You guys have gotten quite a bit more than us, but you always seem too :(