Friday, December 21, 2007

Frozen Pea Friday

Today, in the land of Twitter, it is "Frozen Pea Friday." It is that because today, our friend, @susanreynolds, will undergo surgery for both a mastectomy and breast reconstruction. She was diagnosed earlier this month with breast cancer. You can read about her experience on her blog, "Boobs on Ice" and I recommend that you visit it to read the very honest experience of a woman recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

Several of her friends have set up the Frozen Pea Fund and the proceeds of the donations to that fund will go to Making Strides, the breast cancer campaign of the American Cancer Society.

As a show of support, her friends on Twitter are all donning avatars that incorporate peas in them. Susan explains the significance of the peas in her blog. I know that today, Susan and her family are very prominent in my thoughts and prayers. I admire Susan very much for her strength through all of this and have admired her as a person for as long as I have had the honor of her acquaintance.

Breast cancer is a horrible disease and we must do what we can to find the causes and a cure. Part of the reason that I took my long break from blogging a year ago was because of a case of breast cancer in someone very, very close to me. Anyone that knows me well knows that I don't really deal well with the suffering of those I know and love. What pains me also is that I never have the words to express how I really feel and can't find the words to comfort those who are not well. As a result, I do things. I won't go into what I did for my aunt, but for Susan, I've made my donation to the Frozen Pea Fund, changed my Twitter avatar to a "Peavatar" and am truly praying that all goes well for her and her family.

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