Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I Don't Hate Meatloaf?

Yesterday, I made meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner for my husband and me. Only problem was that my husband had a work dinner last night and didn't make it home until about 9 pm. There was an understandable miscommunication that occurred between the two of us. When we decided that I would cook dinner on Monday and not Sunday, we forgot that he wasn't going to be home for dinner on Monday. We both knew he had this dinner on his calendar. We both just forgot when we discussed meatloaf.

I never liked meatloaf. I always thought meatloaf was for people who didn't have the time or inclination to do something better with their ground beef. Part of this perception was from seeing so many unsavory-looking specimens in my lifetime. However, my husband really likes it - and as I more than really like my husband, I have been known to make it for him from time to time.

The difficulty here is that I have a hard time cooking something that I don't like. How do you know if it's any good if you don't try it? SO - I have tried little pieces of it and have tweaked my recipe appropriately. I still wouldn't say I “liked” meatloaf, but I can eat it. I was careless last night and burned myself on an oven rack while getting the meatloaf out of the oven. (I was actually freaking out because I had forgotten about it and was worried it would dry up.) So instead of just packaging it up and placing it in the refrigerator for my husband to eat today, I decided to have a small bit of it to see how it turned out. I had hoped I had sustained a burn making a good meatloaf and not some monstrosity that didn't taste good. I'm happy to report that the small piece was so good that I sliced off another piece and made a sandwich for myself with sourdough bread and cheddar cheese. I really, really enjoyed it. I totally surprised myself. That was totally unexpected. I don't hate all meatloaf at all! I just hate most meatloaf ;)

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