Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ice Dams Are Not My Friends

I woke up sick this morning. Guess I finally succumbed to whatever bug has been plaguing my husband over the last few weeks. My nose is all stuffed up and I have a minor fever and body aches. Oh joy. As my husband has still not completely kicked this bug, he decided to work from home today. But as I lay in bed, tweeting my *good mornings* to the folks on Twitter from my iPhone before passing out again for a long nap at 6:30 am, my husband called me to our office to show me the leak that had sprung up in our window frame. The leak was more like a steady and strong flow of water through the screw holes used to hold up the window treatment. Good morning, sunshine! Kiss your nap goodbye. What we had was an ice dam.

We pulled down the window treatments and made a silly-looking contraption to keep the water from flowing into the house. Of course, it has to go somewhere - we were just hoping *somewhere* was somewhere outside. I left messages with the contractors we use the most though no businesses were open yet. Hubby went up into the attic and found it to be bone dry everywhere. We then went outside to assess the situation from there. Yikes! Definitely an ice dam.

Luckily, our favorite contractors called to say they were sending one of my favorite guys and his crew out to take care of our problem. He's not here yet. He's late. He's actually working on another house with an ice dam problem right now. In the meantime, we're getting water inside of our windows in several places. I don't even want to know what kind of damage will be left here when this is over.

A condo in the city with a nice doorman and maintenance crew is starting to look even more appealing right now. Someone's going to need to remind me why we moved out to a house in the suburbs five years ago. It was something about more space and the commute being good for Hubby (though I thought the short cab rides home were pretty cool). It's fine. I'll just do my best Martin Blank: What's done is done. Just forget about the whole thing.

Note: Ice Dam diagram from the Regents of the University of Minnesota.

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