Friday, December 21, 2007

Sam's Response to WickedStepmom

WickedStepmom was kind enough to post an Utterz of her Hallmark snowmen singing so that I could let our dog, Sam, hear them here in Boston.…MQ/utt.php Thank you WickedStepmom!

Historically, our dog freaks out whenever she sees these snowmen. My mother has them at her house in Chicago and the dog would go nuts and run in circles in frustration that she couldn't reach them to kill them.

When I played the Utterz from WickedStepmom, Sam was A LOT more subdued. It seems her hatred is reserved for *Jingle Bells* and even then, it's nowhere near as severe as what we witnessed in Chicago.

I suspect a good part of her freak-outs over the snowmen have to do with seeing them in motion along with the music. As a result, we're going to record her reaction to the snowmen that she sees live at my mom's house in Chicago over the holiday. Until then, enjoy her more subdued reaction (and please excuse my messy office).

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