Saturday, December 08, 2007

We Have a Winner

Today, my husband and I went on our usual weekend run around town. We decided to look at trees after we finished up at all of our usual stops. We had previously decided that if we were going to have a tree at all this year, it would be an artificial tree as we aren't spending the week of Christmas at home. We went to our local garden center because I had seen some decent artificial trees there when I went earlier in the week to buy wreaths.

On the walk from the car to the main building, we had to pass through the area where they keep the fresh evergreen trees. The smell was amazing. I looked at my husband and asked if we could just look at the real trees. He was happy to go and look at them. There were some 4-5 foot trees leaning against the outer fence of the nursery. I suggested that maybe instead of an artificial tree, we bring home a smaller fresh tree. There was one tree in particular that had caught my eye. It was just standing there along with all of the other trees. I walked right to it and my husband admired it as well. The tree just spoke to us - both of us. It was such a sweet little tree.

We decided to go inside the building and look at the artificial trees anyway. None of them did anything for us. We just didn't really like any of the trees we saw. I don't know if that was because we liked the trees outside so much better or because the artificial trees inside just weren't right. I'd like to think it was because the artificial ones weren't so hot. My mom has a nice artificial tree that would put all of the ones at that garden center to shame. But then again, I had fallen pretty hard for that one 5 foot tree outside. Apparently, my husband did as well. Standing in the midst of the artificial trees, we decided to go back outside and buy the fresh tree that we found. We won't be gone for very long this year as opposed to previous years. Why not get a small tree?

So - for the first time in a decade, we have a Christmas tree in our home. YAY! All of our ornaments are somewhere in the attic, so we'll have to go dig those out. Tomorrow we decorate!

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