Monday, January 21, 2008

My 2008 Bucket List

I've been tagged to compile my personal Bucket List for 2008 by both Jeff “zemote” O'Hara and Annie “banannie” Boccio. The idea comes from the movie The Bucket List starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, in which the two lead characters compile the list of things they want to do before they each kick the bucket. This meme was started by the ever-busy Jeff Pulver. When I was tagged originally, I gave it some thought and put it on my amazingly large back-burner for more significant thought at a later date. I wasn't going to set goals for this year and specifically made no resolutions for the new year. However, the exercise of compiling a Bucket List for the year seemed like a helpful exercise. Upon being tagged a second time today, I made it a priority for this evening. My list for 2008 consists of things I would really like to get done this year.

My 2008 Bucket List - in no specific order:
  • Meet more of my online friends in person (I've missed every single opportunity to meet folks in Boston in 2007 because of previous obligations and travel. That's sad.)
  • Reconnect with old friends in ways more significant than exchanging holiday cards.
  • Successfully finalize two transactions that are slated for completion this year.
  • Give away or dispose of most things in our home that haven't seen activity in the last year. I want to de-clutter our home and try to be more minimalist in our approach.
  • Learn enough Mandarin Chinese to survive my time alone in Beijing in March without too much pain and refresh my conversational Japanese skills so as to run around in Tokyo as happily as I did in 2006.
  • Spend more time with my 3 year-old nephew in Chicago.
  • Finally organize all of the papers floating around my den (ok, they're not floating. They're sitting around everywhere just loafing!)
  • Plan an amazing vacation for my husband and me to take in August.
  • Be nicer to others. There's always room for more of that.
  • Cook healthier meals for us at home. I cook a lot of super-unhealthy foods for our enjoyment, which is fine and good, except that I do that a lot. I can't cook spinach without heavy cream, butter, garlic & cheese. I really should learn to cook things that clog the arteries less.
Now, I get to tag a few others to play along: HotFish, ChippyLibrarian, Alphabunny, princesscathy and JaceFuse. You're it! :)

Photo via dirtyfeet at flickr.

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bookbabie said...

Good list, we should all do one:)