Sunday, January 13, 2008

Snow Again?

Well, at least the weather forecasters have given us a couple of days to prepare for this storm that is headed right for us. At my house, we're expecting 10-12 inches of snow tomorrow and it's supposed to start to fall at midnight. We shall see what actually falls here.

Tomorrow morning, my hubby and I were supposed to be on separate airplanes at Boston's Logan International Airport headed for San Francisco and Chicago, respectively. He has to be at MacWorld in San Francisco this week. I don't really have anything that seriously requires my presence in Chicago until Friday. I was just going early in the hopes of meeting up with friends and family this week whom I haven't seen in a long time.

When we woke this morning and re-checked the forecast, we determined that we had to change our plans asap. First priority was to get him to San Francisco today. At 8:30 this morning, we got him on an 11:35 am flight to Dallas-Ft. Worth and he caught a connection successfully there for San Francisco. He managed to secure his hotel for an extra night on the front end of his stay too. I drove him to the airport myself. The house was a flurry of packing and prep this morning but if we didn't get him out of town today, the chances of him being at MacWorld on Tuesday were slim. His company had purchased a full fare ticket for him, so changing it wasn't a problem at all. I am happy to report that as I type this he's all tucked in at his hotel near the Moscone Center. Success! His 7:30 am flight for tomorrow was canceled before 2 pm today. We lost a day together this weekend, but he's where he has to be this week safely and without any airport delays.

My ticket was not a full fare ticket to Chicago. So, under these circumstances, I would have to either wait for the airline to announce that they were going to reschedule travelers for free as a result of the snow storm or pay to have my ticket changed. I am traveling with our dog, Samantha, so I really can't risk any long delays at the airport. If her drugs wore off while we waited for a plane, it wouldn't be pretty - and I hate to give her any more of the medication in a day. SO - when I called about my ticket this morning, I was told by an American Airlines representative that no announcement had been made by the airline about rescheduling passengers as a result of the snow storm yet. It was going to cost me $550 to change my ticket to Wednesday morning from Monday morning if I wanted to reschedule. After nicely explaining that I was more than happy to take a seat on the Wednesday morning flight rather than a flight today or Tuesday when the rest of the people who were going to be bumped off of their canceled flights were going to want to fly, the agent put me on hold to consult a manager. When he came back on the line, he said they would switch me without charge. Success! My flight tomorrow morning was also canceled before 2 pm today.

I don't usually mind the snow. In fact, I really like snow. I just don't like it when it messes with our oh so nicely thought out plans. Then again, it's a reminder that you don't control everything in your world and to think that you have control is delusional. The world's much bigger than we are and all we can do is go with the flow and adjust when necessary.

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