Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Thanks to Hubby, My Personal Nurse

This morning, I had to go to the hospital for some semi-invasive testing. Nothing too horrible, so no worries please. I'm just a little sore. My husband took today and tomorrow off of work to take care of me as a result and I have to say, he's doing an awesome job.

I don't take this lightly. I don't usually get sick or have need for him to play nurse for me. He doesn't have a lot of experience waiting on me hand and foot. He also hasn't had to navigate a lot in our kitchen by himself. Today, he was my hand-holder, my driver, my cook and my ridiculously hot cabana-man. I spent the whole afternoon tucked in on the big cushy chair in our reading room in front of the tv with my laptop and our dog, Sam. As he worked from home, he checked in on us enough that I never was in need of anything for more than a few minutes. He brought me food, drinks, books and even the mail. Even Sam got the princess treatment. A girl could get used to this! Fortunately for him, I don't take this for granted at all and I really appreciate his efforts. I've always felt like a very lucky person and a lot of that is because I have him in my life.

Thanks, Hubby! You're the best!

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