Friday, February 22, 2008

Cheese + Ice Cream = ?!?

While browsing a list of ice cream flavors to consider for a birthday ice cream cake for my husband, I stumbled across a flavor called "Queso." Cheese ice cream? The description was basically Vanilla ice cream with "Kraft cheese pieces." As odd as that sounded I was strangely curious as to what a cheese ice cream might look and taste like. They were consistently making this flavor, so one would think that they were consistently selling this flavor. The ice cream shop that sells it is one of my favorites in Chicago and has some of the tastiest exotic ice cream flavors in town. I tweeted about the existence of Queso ice cream and it seems the consensus of the folks that tweeted back to me was that the idea sounded repulsive. Different strokes for different folks! There's someone out there who must really like this, so I was willing to try it and thought that I'd share my first encounter with Queso ice cream with you.

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Dayngr said...

That seriously cracked me up! I saw you were on Gnomad's list and I surfed over here from Fleasha's blog via the Roaming Gnome Project. He's in Miami with me right now. Can't wait to see where everyone else takes him!