Monday, February 11, 2008

Liver Biopsy Results

I apologize for not posting this information sooner. Several people have inquired as to the results from the biopsy that I had in January, so I thought I should post a short update on the matter.

After my biopsy, I received no phone calls or any other communication from the doctors for over two weeks. At that point, I called their offices and left a message with their assistant who assured me she would let them know I had called. She thought that my test results were definitely already in and that the specialist would call me that afternoon. Well, that was a Friday and nobody called. So I waited until Monday and called again. The assistant was surprised nobody called me on Friday because my results were definitely in their possession. She said she would page the doctor and have him call me immediately. Well, "immediately" was more like in three hours, but he did call me.

The bottom line was that they did not see any evidence of any further damage to my liver that would have occurred over the last five years (since my last biopsy). That's really good news. The only bad news is that they still can't diagnose me - but that the doctors are very confident that the only reason for what is happening with my enzyme levels is autoimmune hepatitis. So, we just keep watching my enzyme levels and re-do a biopsy when they feel it is necessary (hopefully it'll be longer than 5 years from now - but somehow, I doubt it.)

Then the doc said he'd call me back to discuss our plan for monitoring the situation. He couldn't go over it then because he had another appointment to meet. This was fine with me as I really wasn't in the mood to discuss the matter anyway. Well, it's been more than a couple of weeks since he said he'd call back. I'm thinking his assistant is due for another phone call from me.

No worries! I still think there's a chance that this is all a load of garbage and I just have weird enzymes. Granted, there isn't much of a chance of that being the case -- but nobody's said that there's absolutely no chance of that yet.


Tojosan said...

Glad to hear 'no changes'. Can't help but wonder why I'm not a doctor. They get to guess and make observations; I get paid for results. If you don't die, they are good to go; if it has too many bugs, I get the big whammie. Go figure, and they get paid more than I do. :)

Best wishes my friend. And I'm sure it's because you are an alien like me.

_itguy said...

I'm very happy to hear they have nothing new to report... I can't imagine the stress of it all. All my best.


Hooeyspewer said...

Thanks guys! We're pretty relieved I don't need to go on any medications or have any additional treatments yet.

Tojosan, I often wonder that myself. Isn't it nutty?