Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm a Social Addict? Wha?

I came across a short but interesting post called "Social Addicts: How do Hardcore Facebook, MySpace and Twitter users differ?" by Max Freiert by way of Techmeme today. I was amused when I got down to the bottom of the post and read how an "addict" was distinguished:

"In this analysis Facebook and MySpace addicts were defined as any user who logged into either site at least 21 days in February. Twitter addicts were defined as anyone who went to their twitter home page at least 10 times in a month. The less stringent qualifications for Twitter addicts was necessary because of the multiple channels used to access the site (mobile, desktop applications)."

Hmmm. Interestingly, though I was enamored with MySpace before Facebook opened up to the masses, on average, I only check my account over there once every 2 months or so. So clearly, I am not a MySpace addict. Whew. Twitter & Facebook, however, are a different story. If both the Twitter and Facebook sites went down for a couple of days, however, I wouldn't miss Facebook nearly as much as I would miss Twitter. It wouldn't even be close. So fine, by the measures used in their analysis, I would qualify as a Twitter and Facebook addict. Who knew?

At any rate, this analysis that was done looked into which Internet sites the addicts of Facebook, MySpace and Twitter visited "substantially more than the average internet user" and then drew conclusions about what actually seemed to interest these people. As someone who has used all three sites, I wasn't surprised by the findings. I don't want to just give the punchline away because I think the information about the individual sites visited by the users was interesting and worth a look. However, I will say that the addicts of the three individual sites were described, in no particular order, as a) "somewhat vain" b) "focus more on engagement" and c) "interested in fostering communication and exploration." Somehow I think you can match the site with the descriptor without too much trouble yourself.


hotfish said...

I am not an addict! I am not an addit! I am NOT... :((

Oh well... :)

Tracy Lee said...

Hmmm...How to know which description matches which service? Hang on, I just *have* to check out My MySpace, cause you know everyone just loves me there cause I'm so great, you know? And then I'll tool over to Facebook and see if I can get some poking done while scaring up a game of Vampire Attack or Scrabblous or maybe I'll just send some flowers or scribble on some walls. Nah, I think I will just drop in on the twitterverse and strike up some communication and explore what the world is up to today.

Yup, not an addict. Just a social butterfly on the wire of the net.