Sunday, March 09, 2008

Mitsukoshi Food Halls

While in Tokyo, it's imperative for me to take a stroll (or two or three...) through the basement food halls of the major department stores. It seems that all of the huge department stores have food halls in their basements (Yes, plural basements - most have 2 basement floors jammed wall to wall with food). I know that this is the case in other parts of the world also, but it isn't this way for us back home in the U.S. so I take a stroll when I'm in the area and pick up a few provisions for later.

I brought my Flipcam on one such walk through the two basements of Mitsukoshi in Ginza. Again, I warn you to not watch this if you have any issues with motion sickness. It bounces around a lot and frankly, I couldn't see what the camera was filming. Also, please forgive the ticking sound that is heard in certain parts of this video. I think the camera was hitting a button on my coat. (Sorry!)

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Tojosan said...

Never heard of these food halls. Doesn't appear anything like our food courts in American malls. Cool.