Friday, March 07, 2008

Saving Me on a Long Haul

Since last fall, there has been one piece of clothing in my wardrobe for which I have been very grateful. Very grateful. Lucky Brand Jeans created the Lola 5 pocket sweatpant last year and I can't imagine a better pair of pants to wear on a long haul flight.

These pants came out in black and I purchased two pairs. They look like black jeans. They are styled just like the regular Lola Bootcut jeans, but they are made of a material that, though called “sweatpants,” seems to me to be more akin to something in between a well-worn t-shirt and a cotton sweatpant. They are forgiving to your curves and are very flattering (if I do say so myself). If you saw a woman wearing these pants, you honestly would never guess that they were basically sweatpants. They're wonderful.

I've been wearing them on domestic flights and have found that wearing them is a great way to look put-together while being ultimately comfortable. Last week, I wore a pair for the first time on a trans-Pacific flight from San Francisco to Tokyo. That's a LONG flight. The Japan Airline flight attendant offered me pajamas to wear during the flight - a top and a bottom - but there's something about wearing the airline's PJs that never really sat well with me personally. I declined the PJ offer and settled into my seat wearing my Lucky Brand Lola sweatpants and a Tommy Bahama half-zip sweatshirt (another long flight necessity for me). I honestly don't think I would have been more comfortable in a pair of pajamas.

The Lola 5 pocket sweatpant is no longer available on the Lucky Brand Jeans website. I suspect it's a seasonal thing. I sent an email to the company to find out if and when they will make their return, because if they do, I will certainly be a buyer. In the meantime, I noticed that they are now offering the Mimosa Wide Leg Terry Pant which, unlike the Lola Bootcut, has wide legs but is of similar construction. I suspect they are comfortable as well but I haven't made it into a Lucky Brand Jeans store to see a pair for myself. When I get back into the U.S., I will have to check them out.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks goodness for comfortable clothes. I've been trying to head that way in shirts lately too. Glad it helped on your flight.

Never heard of the airline giving out PJs. Um, ew.