Friday, May 23, 2008

Keeper of the Swag: Tiny Dilemma

Like a lot of people in the same line of business as my husband, he gets a lot of swag and promo material. Other than XL t-shirts, most swag ends up in my coffers. Why mine and not his? The only things he has really ever kept for himself are the XL t-shirts that don’t fit me, some software, a couple of really nice backpacks, a wi-fi finder and USB flash drives. (Video games don’t count because technically, they’re shared.) It is my job to either find a use or a final resting place for the rest of it. These days, (thanks to new SEC rules), it’s mostly things like notebooks, bags, hats, mouse pads, key rings, water bottles, pens, etc.

The other day, he came home with yet another company-branded bag (organic & a nice size for my grocery shopping) and a little square box. It has Huanhuan on it, who is one of the mascots for the 2008 Beijing Olympics – and of the five Fuwa mascots, Huanhuan is clearly my favorite (<---- *snicker*). Most of the rest of the writing on the box is in Chinese. Clearly, my husband had no idea what was inside the box when he gave it to me with the bag. Though he did specifically say, “If it’s a USB drive, it’s mine.”

I looked more closely at the box while he was away. It’s a 2 GB USB drive. (Insert sigh here.) So technically, I should be giving it back to him for his use… but it’s adorable! Not at all manly. (He disagrees.) I haven’t liked a piece of swag so much since the stuffed Google fish keyring! It’s only 2 GB – so what’s that worth? $10? My husband’s response: “It’s made by Lenovo. Nothing Lenovo makes is $10.” He has a point – ha.

Well, a few dozen eyelash bats later and the little Huanhuan USB flash drive is mine. I think my husband tried to give me a hard time just for the fun of it. (The banter was kind of fun.) I’ve never been much for having a lot of stuff lying around, so he probably thought it was amusing that I actually wanted something he brought home for a change. But can you blame me?

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Danacea said...

That's just too cute! Post made me laugh too as Devin's always benefiting from the swag I get (over)laden with from people courting FP :)