Tuesday, May 20, 2008

When it Rains...

Life seems to throw a lot of bad stuff at us all at once and if we make it through it all, it gives us a break for a good long while as a reward. The last couple of weeks have definitely not been part of any break for us here.

No worries for us – we’re alive and well here. Since my last blog post, we’ve had three surgeries in the family. Two of them occurred on the same day. A little time between them all might have been nice, eh? For a while there, we were waiting for lab results on all three of them. When I say “family” I mean the people with whom we spend our holidays – our closest loved ones. All three surgeries went well, thankfully. Two were breast cancer-related and one was skin cancer-related. The lab results were basically good in two cases. In one case, the pathologists and oncologists know it’s bad but are calling the case “rare” and consulting their peers. They actually presented her case at a breast cancer conference yesterday. This cancer is in someone who has already had a lumpectomy and finished aggressive chemotherapy and radiation a little more than a year ago. (It was her first bout with cancer that was the impetus for my year-long blogging hiatus from 2006-2007.) I am grateful that she has a very good group of doctors who are monitoring her condition and who have been very diligent in her case.

It’s hard to celebrate the good news when the bad news is so frightening. The timing of this all is so surreal but in a strange way, it’s given us all something for which to be thankful when we may be inclined to just be sad and worried. Even weirder for me, there have been three other pieces of family news from the same time frame that are amazing and wonderful – and of course, I am not at liberty to discuss any of it – but I am very happy and grateful for it all. It’s felt like quite the wild ride here these last few days. We’re so very, very happy and so very, very sad and worried all at the same time. Ah, but we’re human after all and every once in a while we are all too well reminded of that fact.

Chins up – we’ll just be glad for our good fortune, gear up to take care of those who need us and be grateful that we can.

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