Thursday, June 12, 2008

And I Bared My Teeth…

I’m not a fan of public confrontations – especially over really trivial things. That being said, I don’t cower when someone is an arse to me. I’m not really wound very tightly – and usually let people ahead of me in lines at the grocery store when they have less in their carts than I do or when their child is getting fussy and they seem to need to get out of there faster than I do. If there’s any question as to whether someone else was at the deli counter before me, I usually just let him or her go because I’m not usually in any hurry. Yesterday at the deli counter, I had to bare my teeth.

The only people at the prepared foods counter were an elderly couple and I. There are no numbers to take at the counter but that has seriously never been a problem. The Whole Foods guy acknowledged me and let me know that he’d be right with me as soon as he finished up with the elderly couple. No problem. That’s just more time to peruse the gorgeous food behind the glass. A woman who looked to be in her 60’s walked up to the counter and started looking at the food as well. I didn’t pay much attention to her at all at first. When a new counter attendant appeared, I gave him my order. She gave me a very unfriendly look and sneered, “I was here first.” Needless to say, I was shocked by her nerve. I looked at her and said, “No, I was… but you can go ahead if it makes you feel better.” As the words came out of my mouth, I surprised myself. I really don’t like making people feel bad about themselves, but I didn’t hesitate when I said that to her. Nor did I restrain myself from making a face at her that on its own conveyed the thought, “You are pathetic and I know it.” She looked down and motioned for me to continue placing my order – which I did – one large container of chicken salad.

It makes me a bit sad to be reminded that there are unhappy people out there that just run around being arses to others because they can. Life may seem like a competition to a lot of people and you can tell who those people are by the way that they drive, the way they backstab others to get ahead or the way that they deal with queues. We all end up in the same place in the end, so what’s the freaking rush to get ahead of the guy next to you? How do people get so self-important that they see other people just as obstacles standing between them and their goals? That’s just pathetic.

Oh – and after I got home, I remembered where I had seen her previously. She’s a member at our club. Oh joy! No good can come of this.


Carrie Ann said...

What a prune. Glad you said something in your own hooey-way. If you see her at the Club, she will be the one embarassed - not you.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's not the rush, but the baggage we carry with us that's the problem. I've been in that old lady's shoes before, mistaken about whose in line and worse, and I too have come to that situation with too much garbage going on in my head. Same thing you saw today.

Thankfully more often I don't react that way anymore for the very reason you said, what's the rush right? If I'd honestly been in a rush, I'd probably have been there sooner, and my gosh, it's just the deli counter. :)

She probably just needs a hug.

Steve Harper said...

More people need to speak up when things like this occur. Otherwise rude and inconsiderate people will never learn.

Good for you!

Ripple On!!!