Sunday, September 12, 2010

Our Dog Can't Bring Herself to Watch the Bears

She crawled under a blanket in the middle of the first half. The turnovers were too much for her, I guess.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

What Was Waiting in the Wine Glass

Apparently, a bat got into the house while we were away and had the decency to die in a wine glass in the sink so I could get rid of him easily when I returned. This is the first and only bat to make it into our house in the eight years we've owned it.

I immediately called our pest control company which referred me to a wildlife company and I had the wildlife person come to the house that afternoon. We went through the whole house to figure out how the bat made it inside. I think we figured out that it bit a hole through the wire mesh under the fan in the attic that is covered by a mushroom cap on the roof. The wildlife company quoted me a $900 fee to "bat proof" my house - by sealing any place a bat could enter (though we really only found the one place) and by installing bat doors that would stay on the house during "bat season" and which would stick out of the house on two sides by about nine inches each. I decided to pass on that and have our contractors fix the mesh in the attic that has the little hole.

While we were up in the attic, it happened to be raining and I noticed a small leak in the roof caused by the support for one of our solar panels. So - I guess I need to be grateful to this little bat because if not for this bat, I wouldn't have found the leak in the roof until we would have sustained water damage to the ceilings on the upper floor.

Strange how life works.